July 16, 2015 Mercury Adhesives

How strong is CA?

CA is extremely strong, it is not unusual to see tensile strengths upwards to 2 tons per square inch! If your old enough you may remember a television commercial where a person is hung by his hard hat, which has been glued to the crane with CA (Super Glue).

As strong as CA is in tensile it is considerably weaker in shear or peel forces (These are forces applied perpendicular to the bond line). This is why it is important to understand what forces will be applied to the joint and what the products being bonded can withstand. While CA is not near as strong in shear as it is in tensile a glue joint is only as strong as the substrates being bonded, for example, if you were to bond balsa wood the balsa wood will always break long before the glue joint would fail, no matter what the forces are.

Given all the products we presently use in the modeling industry today it is safe to say that a high quality CA like mercury products will withstand any forces the substrates can withstand. This is why Mercury products are so widely used today, they are very fast, very strong and since it only takes small amounts to do any job it is the lightest adhesive available.