Mercury Adhesives available on AMAZON!

Okay, we’ve gotten a L-O-T of calls from individuals who want Mercury Adhesives, but can’t get it from their local hobby shop.  SOooo….Mercury Adhesives decided to cater to the demand, and we’ve placed our products on Amazon.  The products are not being provided by Amazon’s PRIME because we want to control the freshness of our glues.  If we ship them to Amazon, then Amazon would control the glue freshness.

To compensate for the price difference between PRIME and our shipping, we reduced the price of our products so when added to the shipping price, it equals the retail price if purchased from your local hobby shop.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get over to Amazon and get some glue!

Amazon Mercury Store

Great Customer Service!

We got this email from D. Sanderson, Laboratory Technican, at the MacEwan University’s Department of Biological Sciences —

I’ve been using mercury adhesives for a while with no problems. I’ve had great success with their CA superglue, and this time I was using their 15 minute epoxy. It was turning a really dark yellow (almost orange) when it set, so I contacted Mercury to see if this was normal. They offered to replace the product for me, and the new stuff works great!


Dana Sanderson

We’re not sure why the epoxy turned yellow, but we suspect it was due to age.  Regardless, Mercury stands behind it’s glues and it was replaced immediately.  We’re very pleased that Dana is happy, and will continue to be a Mercury Customer!

Here’s a picture of Dana’s latest project using Mercury Adhesives —


Deer Skeleton

Company Information

Company Information

Mercury Adhesives is an American Glue Company, that is veteran owned, and located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mercury Adhesives is absolutely committed to producing only the highest quality adhesives that are manufactured and bottled in the the United States. It was founded in 2007 by Cliff Whitney, and is now run by Eric Fether.

Mercury recognized that quality is of the utmost importance and we are proud that our adhesives and processes are all accredited by ISO9001-2000 and QS9000 standards. The medical division supporting Mercury products is USP Class VI approved, and the Mercury manufacturing facility posses numerous military and original equipment manufacturer approvals.

Mercury has put in place the technology and a global supply infrastructure to get things done. The Mercury line of high quality adhesives and sealants are simply the best, and we serve industrial and consumer clients all over the world.

The Mercury product themselves are proudly made in the USA! All of our products are 99.9% pure and are absolutely NON-TOXIC without any harmful ingredients. This cannot be said of other super glues in the world. Asian manufactured adhesives can contain:

  • Chloroform: 2012 recalls on glues produced in China contained 230x the legal limits
  • Formaldehyde and Praformaldehyde
  • Tetra chloromethane / Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Triethyl Phosphate
  • Acrylonitrile
  • Dichloromethane

Mercury prides ourselves in making nothing but the best adhesives on the planet.  Try them and see for yourself.  There is a difference!


Ron’s Furniture Repair

We think Mercury Adhesives make the best super glue, and use your products every single day.

Thanks again for your support.


Ron Alba
Hawaii’s Leader in Furniture Repairs and Restoration
Bldg 28 in Kapaa Quarry, Kailua
Office: (808) 261-6600
Cell: (808) 722-4961
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