January 21, 2016 Mercury Adhesives

Esteemed Pen Turner – Scott Lincoln – likes Mercury

This is a quick review of Mercury Adhesives CA from the esteemed Pen Turner Scott Lincoln.  Scott Lincoln is very highly regarded in the world of custom wood pens as being one of the best for his laser engraving and laser inlay pens and pen blanks. He sells “ready-made” pen blanks that are engraved with various designs, but he’s best known for his military logos of all the US armed forces.

CA is very important to him since he first applies multiple CA coats before engraving and then a few more after. The pen blanks are ready to be assembled by other craftsmen, but we often fill the engraving with CA to provide a smooth surface.

I like the CA. It builds nicely and takes a very nice finish. I did one blank with Brand X and 1 with Mercury using the exact same process, number of coats etc. and asked my wife if she could tell the difference. She picked the “Mercury’d” blank as being shinier and smoother. I did 5 or 6 more and she really likes it. It really doesn’t matter what I think, it’s what Candy likes that is important 🙂 Here a pic of a pen done with Mercury, not a good job of showing the shine but we’ll get something better for you. I’ll spend some time in a few days and do a review online for you if you like.

His web site is http://www.finewoodpens.com

His work was reviewed in a local Newspaper article.  You can read it here — http://www.southwhidbeyrecord.com/lifestyle/286426711.html

And here are some pictures of the beautiful work he’s done with Mercury.

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