“If my hobby shop carried Mercury…”

This is an excerpt from an e-mail we received from a Mercury Customer —

Just FYI, I’m buying more and more on Amazon. If my hobby shop sold Mercury CA I’d buy it from them to keep them alive. But I won’t buy mediocre CA to keep them alive. I live near Puget Sound and have volunteered to be an Amazon test customer if they ever get permission for drone delivery. I’m a couple of blocks in from Puget Sound, up a street with almost no traffic so it would be a good test. Then they could drop off the CA in my backyard!

Richard Shilling

And here’s another one —

This is a follow up to our conversation of today 6/15/16 regarding my inability to purchase the M300M adhesive here in the Gainesville, Fla. area. You had requested that I send you this e-mail. Through our conversation I told you that I am a long time user of your product and will except NO substitute glue manufacturers. Can you assist me in finding the M300M in a 2 ounce bottle.

Please let me know.

Thanks for your time in this matter.

Herb Kleinman

All we can say is…WOW! Such customer loyalty!!

Hobby Shops out there not selling Mercury…maybe you should.

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