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Pen Turning Review and Video

WOW!  That’s all that can be said of this review of Mercury Adhesives in the world of Pen Turning/Polishing.  This was written by Jim Hinze in an e-mail to Mercury —

First some general feedback on the suite of products and my background…

I did my first CA finish on a pen around 2004 or so. Back then we didn’t have quality CA we do today, so we all experimented with various methods to get a good, crystal clear, durable finish. For the most part, it was good. I took a multi-year hiatus from turning, and resumed about 3 years ago…

Today’s products are light years ahead. When I resumed turning, I started using some of the old stand-buy’s (satellite city, dollar store generics, loctite, etc)… then I found a real pure CA in Starbond.. loved it.. but had it’s drawbacks. Was difficult to get a smooth finish (I’d get ripples and undulations).. and of course, this CA requires a lot of sanding. Sometimes, I’d even wet sand to get the clarity I wanted, and I hate wet sanding wood.

Fast forward to stick fast and their “finish” grade CA. Advertised can complete a finish in 10 minutes… not a bad product. I could not however, get the finish I desired using only their steps and polishing compounds. I still had to run through micro mesh… but was also prone to ripples and undulations.

I tried BSI … good product, better results, could not stand the cost. It’s quite expensive (as I’m sure you know), and the better finish didn’t cancel out the cost. So Robert asked me to give Mercury a whirl, and for roughly $22, was a no brainier, as it was cheaper than stick fast, starbond, and a whole lot cheaper than BSI. Well, after my first pen, I was sold. Your product is simply the best CA I’ve used for finishing and is cost effective!

In summary, if y’all keep making these products with the same quality, you have a customer for life.After I posted my review of your products, I was getting a ton of questions, so I put together a YouTube video on how I finish my pens with your products… I’ve included a link in case you’d find it interesting. It’s received great response and I know Robert’s seen a bit more traffic and new orders… hopefully it meets your approval.

I’m going to continue using the product. If I run into any difficulty, issues, or can offer up some suggestions, I will let y’all know asap.

Mercury Foam Safe builds Laser 200 Fatty as reviewed in March ’16 Electric Flight

Here are the first couple of pages of the March 2016 issue of Electric Flight review of the @towerhobbies Laser 200 Fatty. Note that the reviewer used the Mercury Adhesives M100F Foam Safe CA to build the plane with excellent results!

electricflight201603-cover electricflight201603-42 electricflight201603-43


For the full review, go buy the magazine.

Fantastic Review of our Threadlocker in March ’16 issue of Electric Flight

Electric Flight, March 2016 issue, reviewed our new Brush-in-Cap Threadlocker and gave us a glowing recommendation!  Read it for yourself….


Mercury for Pen Turning (or Polishing)

Have you ever heard of Pen Turning or Polishing?  No?  Well, it’s a art form where people hand craft fountain pens.  Guess what they use to make the hard mirror finish?  Yup.  CA.  They use Thin CA for the base coat, and then Medium CA for the hard exterior coat.  The product of choice for most Pen Polishers has been BSI Gold…until now.  Read this review (click link below for PDF) to find out how well Mercury Adhesives’ performed!

Mercury CA Review

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Warranty Returns — HOW?

Okay, so you have a bottle of CA and there’s something wrong with it.  Maybe it got hard; or it got “stringy” (did you know there is a shelf-life to CA?); or confusingly enough…just doesn’t stick anymore (Thin CA can actually stay liquid and stop sticking when it gets old); or it just fails to meet your expectations in some way/shape/form.  How do you get a new bottle?

Every bottle of Mercury Adhesives CA has a serial number on the back label (right above the Bar Code).  We need that serial number.  So, to make sure there’s no abuse to the system (someone going to a hobby store and just writing down serial numbers), we need physical proof of purchase.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a new bottle of glue via warranty replace —

  1.  Return to us the rear label from the bottle of CA.  It MUST include the serial number and the bar code.  This is the cheapest option for you, as it will only cost you a stamp for shipping.  You can also return the entire bottle of CA to us, but your shipping costs goes up.  Sorry — NO pictures will be accepted.  The Label or the Bottle is required, as fraud is too easy without physical proof.  Think of it like a Refund, you don’t get the check without the actual UPC code from the box.  Same here.  We need the physical label.  Note: EPOXY has no serial number nor bar code on the bottles. Therefore, the actual bottles must be returned for warranty replacement.
    HINT: If you can’t get the label off the bottle, use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the label adhesive.
  2. Provide to us an address to ship the new bottle of glue.
  3. Write a check (or money order) for $2.75 if you’re in the US for the first item, and add $1.00 for each additional item.  If you’re from CANADA, please include $9.00 USD for the first item, and $1.00 USD for each additional item (sorry Canada, but that’s our cost to get it over the boarder. If paying with Canadian dollars, please account for the current exchange rate).  Include the check with the label.  Make it out to Mercury Adhesives.  DEALERS are exempt from this step.
  4. Check your mail box.

Pretty simple.

Our mailing address is:

Mercury Adhesives
1353 Riverstone Parkway, Ste. 120-256
Canton, GA 30114

There is an unconditional warranty, without time limit, on all NEW glue purchases.

Thank you for using Mercury Adhesives!