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AJ Lee Loves the New Threadlocker!

Here’s an e-mail we received from AJ Lee (World Renowned aircraft builder) on the new Brush-in-Cap Threadlocker —

I really like the Brush-in-Cap design you can get the right amount on the smallest to the largest bolts with ZERO waste.


-A J

DSCN3398 DSCN3396


Obvious Solution!

You see stuff like this and say “Wait… Loc-Tite, the industry leader for the residential market, never thought of this?” How could something this obvious and logical not already be the norm?”

I wonder if Loc-Tite (or any other major brand manufacturer) tried this and found it was not a good approach?

I would hate to be the VP of Marketing at Loc-Tite having to explain to the CEO why he didn’t think of this rather obvious solution! –Steve Joblin (RCGroups)

INTRODUCING the No Mess Threadlocker Solution


Mercury Adhesives is please to announce the world’s first Threadlocker with a brush in the cap, for a no mess application.

Why is the Brush-in-Cap design so revolutionary? The typical Threadlocker uses an eyedropper type bottle for application. Have you ever tried to use an eyedropper to apply product to a small screw or bolt? You will either drip too much on the bolt, and it falls to your work bench; or you put a drop on your work bench, and roll the screw/bolt through it; or you put a drop on your work bench and use a toothpick to apply it to the screw/bolt’s threads. All of these solutions end up putting a drop, or two, of Threadlocker on your work bench….and who wants that?

Mercury Adhesives saw the need to fix the mess of applying Threadlocker to small screws and bolts. We put our heads together and came up with the Brush-in-Cap design. Unscrew the top, pull out the brush, wipe off any excess on the side of the opening, and apply only enough Threadlocker to do the job…WITHOUT THE MESS!threadlockercapbrush3

Helicopters and Multi-rotors (aka Drones) are 10,000 moving parts all trying to fly in different directions. RC planes using Electric motors with instantaneous torque, or RPS’s in the 10’s of thousands, want to vibrate off their mount bolts. Gas motors are even worse for vibrations that want to undo your hours of hard work. Don’t let them!

This Threadlocker is BLUE, and is of medium strength.  This is, by far, the most popular “flavor” of Threadlocker, and is the first to be released.

The packaging is a carded/bubble package that contains a single bottle with the new Brush-in-Cap, Threadlocker for a low $7.49 MSRP. Now available in the Dealer Store, and on  New Dealers, please send a note to for a free sample.

BUY from Amazon!



Exchange Student Rocketry Classes

2015-07-15 Group #2 Model Rocket Class (5)

Greetings!  Because of the devotion, dedication and hard work of Ms. Manjun Dodge and Ms. Nancy Kensinger, my wife Francine and I were again blessed and allowed to work with four groups of wonderful young people from Taiwan.  After providing a bit of history, some words on safety and teamwork, the build sessions and the launch sessions and all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you!!

Allow me to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each of the commercial organizations involved for the tremendous support for this Exchange Student Program especially to Danielle and the folks from Custom Rocket Company and Cliff Whitley and his team from Mercury Adhesives.  The kits you supplied were excellent quality and received quite well by students and primary support staff a like.  The Mercury Adhesives products produced and provided made the lessons for the model rocketry builds safe and memorable.

To Karen and the staff at the Space Walk of Fame Museum, the workspace and all of the support you provided for the students has been above reproach and worthy of my deep appreciation.  I’ve attached a few photos for you to enjoy and as far as the kids are concerned, I believe the smiles say it all!!

Lastly but not least, allow me to say Thanks to the members of the MoonPort Modelers organization for their gracious support and use of their club flying field, without which there would not have been a memorable launch session for all of the young people.  The grooming of the field, the devotion to work with the students all  speaks volumes to [your] kindness.

James M. Carter

Another Happy Customer

This is a direct copy of an e-mail we received from one of our customers to one of our Customer Services Reps —

Thanks for following up with me today (and taking the time to figure it out)….customer service is a lost art and you definitely have it in spades.  If there is any boss or manager or anything….that needs to know how amazing you’ve been, let me know and I’d be more than happy to write a letter.  Not to mention I’m going to throw up some public reviews on websites I visit.  You’ve gone above and beyond, you have no idea how grateful I am that I don’t have to use some [expletive deleted] product that makes my work 10 times more difficult.

Seriously, you’ve made my week, thank you!


Thank you Erin!  We at Mercury are very pleased that you are happy!


Mercury Adhesives available on AMAZON!

Okay, we’ve gotten a L-O-T of calls from individuals who want Mercury Adhesives, but can’t get it from their local hobby shop.  SOooo….Mercury Adhesives decided to cater to the demand, and we’ve placed our products on Amazon.  The products are not being provided by Amazon’s PRIME because we want to control the freshness of our glues.  If we ship them to Amazon, then Amazon would control the glue freshness.

To compensate for the price difference between PRIME and our shipping, we reduced the price of our products so when added to the shipping price, it equals the retail price if purchased from your local hobby shop.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get over to Amazon and get some glue!

Amazon Mercury Store

Great Customer Service!

We got this email from D. Sanderson, Laboratory Technican, at the MacEwan University’s Department of Biological Sciences —

I’ve been using mercury adhesives for a while with no problems. I’ve had great success with their CA superglue, and this time I was using their 15 minute epoxy. It was turning a really dark yellow (almost orange) when it set, so I contacted Mercury to see if this was normal. They offered to replace the product for me, and the new stuff works great!


Dana Sanderson

We’re not sure why the epoxy turned yellow, but we suspect it was due to age.  Regardless, Mercury stands behind it’s glues and it was replaced immediately.  We’re very pleased that Dana is happy, and will continue to be a Mercury Customer!

Here’s a picture of Dana’s latest project using Mercury Adhesives —


Deer Skeleton